Heatmaps 🔥

See Where Your Visitors Click

We all think we know where visitors are clicking on our web pages but it's surprising sometimes how often we're wrong. Our Heatmap Tool takes the guesswork out of it, see exactly where visitors are clicking, remove distractions & improve pages to get users going where you want.

User Replay Features:

  • Multiple heatmaps per website, add unlimited pages
  • See your site's hot & cold spots, make improvements
  • All size heatmaps - for Desktop, tablet & mobile
  • Remove distractions, increase page conversions!

Shape Image
Shape Image

Session Replays 📹

See What Visitors Are Doing

No more wondering what visitors are doing on your site, watch real video replays of where users move their mouse and where they click, see for real what you can improve.

Session Replay Features:

  • Visually see everything a user did on your website
  • Tracks user over multiple pages, scrolls, everything
  • See all mouse movements, clicks, you'll see it all
  • Only add 1 line of code and you're up and running!